No 7 Church Street Monmouth, With Head chef and good friend Mark Turton and partner Bea, new owners of this lush and fantastic little Bistro with rooms in the heart of one of Wales best none and most loved food towns.

I was asked to photograph the new menu for the upcoming new website launch at the end of the month, being good friends with Mark and Bea i went along on a what i thought should be a quite Sunday afternoon, needless to say i walked into a packed house and a whole lot of raving new customers enjoying there Sunday lunches and new menu items. having worked with Mark a few years previous i know his food is some of the best in the business and could tell right away this time was no different. just a few words to describe this place and ill then let the images speak for themselves.

FANTASTIC                 ECLECTIC                 MAGNIFICENT                HOMELY                  EXPERIENCE                     MOUTHWATERING                           ENERGETIC                         NEW                              EXCITING                           SPECIAL                     WORLD CLASS

Prego Resteraunt Food Images_-126.jpg