A morning at White Castle ..

Its an overcast  monday morning, it’s a teachers training day even know there just had 2 weeks off for Easter! 

Jo asks if we can go see a castle, he’s into castles at the moment and likes the whole knights and kings thing.  So in my mind perfect little morning out we’ll go to a pretty much local Castle, White Castle near Skenfrith just on the outskirts of Abergavenny. 

It’s a beautiful small castle, one of three built by the Norma’s when they started to take over the east of Gwent. Then completely renovated in the early 13th century. 

The castle is free to enter, with large grounds and on certain days you are able to climb the turrets and look out over the valley!  

After a brief look around the castle a game of Mob Mob was needed, along with some climbing and racing, the boy is getting fast now and takes a lot longer to tire out than he once did.  

An an amazing little place for a family morning out on a nice day,