The art of lens......


As a professional photographer I often get asked about the gear i use. What camera I have or lens I work with, and when I'm asked these questions the people asking allways give this look of if I find this out this is what will make the difference to my images.

This I am afraid is simply not true, like everything in life photography is not only a skill but an artform, it is the way you look at something and interpret it weather digitally or analog. And the camera a lens you choose is just the tool used to create, but fundimentaly if you do not know how to see then the camera and lens are useless.

Now with many years in the bag I have a decent arsenal for equipment at my disposal but still try to use only what I need rather than what I have. The shot above is one taken just a few months back nearing the end of September, my friend in the image Claire wanted some new images and I had in idea so we ran with it. We went to a river near me in the Brecon Beacons and found some large deep areas I thought perfect for what I wanted. Although I am comfortable using big flash guns, top quality glass and all the trimmings I often find myself coming back to two lenses, for me these are the nikon 50mm 1.4 and the sigma 24-70 2.8.

I have found over many years that these two lenses give me everything I want and more, I use them for all my weddings, portrait work, landscape and everything in between. They are not the most expensive lenses in the world but they offer the clarity and durability I allways look for.

So when people ask me about lenses this is what I allways so, find what works for you, what you feel comfortable with and can use to get that shot ever time.


When I first started out like many I have no gear I had bought a D50 from a local shop with a 50mm lens and used this for almost a year solid without any change, now most would so you can do everything with just one lens, I say if you cant do everything with one lens then your never going to be able to do it with all the lenses.

By finding that one or two maybe even three lenses that work for you you, and buying what others tell you just because you will not only find what works for you gear wise but also your skill and ability with broaden.

Be your self and do what works for you.

Also the image above was taken with a 50mm lens whilst balancing on a branch in a tree 12ft off the ground.

The Gear is only the Tool..